Dubai – Beyond the steel and glass

On the metro again, heading towards Dubai Creek, home to several of the Souk’s. The first to try and sell us the world was the old textile market. The variety of colours and patterns were almost as overwhelming as the sellers attempts make us purchase anything. Draped in silks and offered any kind of designer bag you could dream if you would just go with them down a little side street to see. Tempted but not swayed we carried on to the Al Fahidi Fort, home to the Dubai Museum and still looking resolute surrounded by so many modern buildings.

Dubai fort, museum

Noticing the words “Coffee Museum” on Google Maps had us heading along Al Fahidi Street to where we found the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, were the original wall can still be seen.

oldest part of dubai, original wall

Walking through the alleys between the traditional mud (effect) and stone buildings we discovered all manor of little treasures; murals, galleries and even an open house giving access to see what old Dubai was like.

Dubai old town wall art

art in old dubai

Then we discovered the Make Art Cafe, which offered really tasty refreshment for the body and soul all in beautifully relaxing surroundings

make cafe dubai, cake

To the Creek for the 1 dirham a piece Abra ride (don’t be talked into paying more though plenty will try),

dubai arba

Walk along the dock passed all kinds of goods being traditionally unloaded (by hand) from ships, through the spice and perfume souks to the best of all the Deira Gold Souk. If there are any more ways to shape or combine precious metals and stones, I’d be surprised. Get your haggle on and you could walk away with a real bargin here be strong and don’t be affraid to walk away if the price doesn’t match what you want to pay. There are plenty of stores to find that deal in. They will also make anything you would like for a fraction of the cost on the high street.

Back to the hotel for our evening activities. While in Dubai it would be remiss to not go on a Desert surfari and with plenty to choose from we selected a package by Alpha tours. An hour or so drive out of the city we met up with the other vehicles that would be part of our group. An quick photo op on a sand dune before the main event.

dune bashing dubai desert

Tyres suitably deflated and trucks full of tourists from all over the world lined up we set of at high speed into the desert. Flying along the sides of vast slopes of sand shooting over the top and sliding down the other side, the back end of the car slightly losing traction and on. Camels looking on bemusedly as we sped towards our evenings goal.

dune bashing dubai desert camel

dune bashing dubai desert

A quick stop to let the convoy join up.

dune bashing dubai desert

dune bashing dubai desert sunset

And with the sun setting we reached the camp in the middle of the desert.

dune bashing dubai desert sunset

Dancing and a barbaque sat in a mocked up traditional nomadic camp completed day.

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