Petworth Park

The age old question of what to do to make the most of that rare English gift of a Sunny day? The day needs to be savoured and preferably not spent sat in a queue of traffic on the way to Dorset or some other seaside location.

Digging out the good old National Trust guide and flicking through we found Petworth Park.

petworth house uk

National trust membership is handy here parking is included and so you simple show your card and walk on up to the house, enjoying the staggering park lands as you go.

Walking up to petworth house

We decided to take in the Main house first. It is amazing, the sheer number of artworks makes you feel like you’ve walked into a part of the National Gallery it would be quite possible to spend a day just in the house, but for those on a tight time budget simply head to the grand staircase and its seriously impressive murals.

Painted staircase petworth house uk

In a pre-Netflix era you needed entertainment of an evening and the sculture room provides that and should be part of any visitors itinery when visiting the park.

sculpture room petworth house uk

Lunchtime had dropped in to say hello so we headed over to the kitchen block opposite the main house. Here you can see how such a huge house was really run, this is the domain of the many servants required for such a vast place. It also proved a great distraction from the goal of feeding ourselves.

old kitchens petworth house uk

This turned out well having walked through this long building past the cafe, restraurant and gift shops we exited into the town of Petworth. The cute cobbled streets lead us throught the town until we came across Tiffins Tearoom, where we had a most delicious lunch with an excellent selection of gluten free goodies to choose from. The carrot cake was particularly good (sorry forgot to take a picture it disappeared to quickly).

Capability Brown gardens Petworth House UK

Back to the house and a walk around Capability Browns, wonderful landscaped park lands.

petworth house uk gardens,

There is nothing quite like a lovely calm day in the English countryside to make you appreciate that rare sunny day.

petworth house uk gardens,lake


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