Bali – Monkey Mayhem

Buffet breakfast was becoming something we would find hard to live without, when we returned to England and with the views provided from your table it was going to be a real challenge

padma resort ubud breakfast

The resort provides a regular shuttle to and from the City of Ubud, having booked two seats on the air conditioned shuttle mid-day run we settled in for the nearly hour long trip.

There is a lot to do once in Ubud, the first stop was the both a practical requirement and a scenic opportunity, aiming for Cafe Lotus to check out the Pura Taman Saraswati, a Hindu Temple  set within a lotus pond.

lotus pond cafe temple

The practical requirements where met by the Starbucks next to the pond (a handy source of both internet and ice cold beverages my holiday favorite being the macha green tea frap) using the net connection to update our google maps we headed for the Monkey Forest.

We stopped off at the Puri Saren Agung, or Ubud Palace before heading into the various parts of the Markets, offering reasonably priced goods if your willing to haggle.

ubud temple pink duck

Taking this slow meandering route down to the forest

monkey forest ubud

So there are plenty of signs reminding people not to wave things near the monkies, also to ensure your bags are closed. Just inside the gates a chap had his ticket taken and shredded.

monkey forest ubud ticket destroyed

Ladies finger bannanas are available to buy from vendors, which can be fed to the monkies. They enjoy watching all the strange people walking about their forest, and helping themselves to the water bottles of the careless.

monkey forest ubud banana

You could spend a day or more with the monkies, the interactions are not forced you are a visitor in their land and it is a joy to hang out with them.

monkey forest ubud banana

Parts of the are feel like something out of an Indian Jones movie (The good ones not the fourth) With stone bridges, waterfalls and hidden temples.

monkey forest ubud bridgeIMG_2901

Having not walked far enough for one day and with time left until our pick up we headed via a coffee shop to walk along the Campuhan Ridge walk, from the hussle and bussle of the town the peace to be found along the walk was welcome. Bottled water a plenty should be taken as the walk is fairly exposed and it gets hot up there. Though there is a handily placed cafe along the route.

campuhan ridge ubud

It was dark by the time we got back but the fire pit near the pool had been lit so like moths to the flame we wandered down and had dinner at the pool side restaurant.

padma resort ubud pool night

Pass me the marshmallows…


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