Bali – Truly the Island of the Gods

By this point of the trip, the general stresses of life and work have pretty much dissipated into distant memory. The day begins with breakfast as it always should and one of the variety of daily soups, which appears to be a simple chicken broth and it is incredibly tasty.

chicken soup bali

Then it is on to the pool behind our block. It should be said at this point that the Seminyak has two blocks the main hotel, which is next to the beach and a separate more private block across the road, which is where we stayed. We loved the privacy of this block and it is only about a 100 meter walk across, and for the terminally lazy there is even a shuttle cart service available.

I digress, so Breakfast, Pool (until about 13:00 to avoid the full heat of the sun) then on into town and the flea market where the best Satay lives, along with some stray cats.

street satay seminyak bali

Then it was on to take in some culture, Bali is predominantly Hindu and as such has temples a plenty, from the large complexes to the smaller found in each home. Today we decided to visit one of the most famous Tanah Lot. To get there we opted to flag down one of the many taxis, haggled for a return rate of about 200,000 ruphia (£12) and set off. It is possible to hire a vehicle mopeds are extremely popular, but it is nice to be able to enjoy the view and arrive without white knuckles.

tanah lot bali

Our driver seemed happy to wait while we explored, passing through the village that has built up around the temple you can buy all manner of local produce and souvenirs

tanah lot bali statue

Enterprising locals offer toilet facilities, for a nominal fee

bali public toilet

We had the good fortune to arrive when the tide was out giving additional sites to enjoy

tanah lot bali beach

This also meant we could get closer to the temple

tanah lot bali

and appreciate otherwise hidden gems, blessings were available from the monks of the temple.

Plenty to see from the cliffs as well

view cliffs at tanah lot bali

The drive back through rush hour traffic was, interesting to say the least with mopeds flying past on both sides of the car, but our driver like the other motorists was calm in a way you wouldn’t find in the UK.

Night falls fast near the equator and with it comes the need to eat the desire for steamed buns had been present since our arrival,steam buns, ginger moon, seminyak, bali it was more than catered for by Ginger Moon and after dinner a stroll through the streets of Seminyak

Seminyak at night










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