Bali – Seminyak (Proper)


Seminyak village alley way

Mad dogs and Englishmen it has often been said go out in the midday sun, and not wanting to stray too far from these wise words we headed out at midday on the second full day to see what there was to be had locally…

I heart Bali sign

… Heading into Seminyak village finding signs that state the obvious. (It would be a very sad person that didn’t love Bali).

After strolling through the markets, practicing haggling, a shopping mall and more importantly, air conditioning was a welcome escape from the blaring sun.

roof tops of seminyak village

The roof top view from the shopping center deserves a moments appreciation.

Petitenget Temple to Seminyak Beach

Strolling back towards the beach back to the hotel we came across Petitenget Temple. A  gateway to keep out bad spirits, just in case they somehow made it through customs.

complimentary afternoon tea at the seminyak beach resort and spa

When you’ve been out in the midday sun like a crazy person, you may find yourself feeling weak and dehydrated and in much need of something tasty! So why not enjoy another great British tradition, Afternoon Tea. Included with the room rate and an absolute must, delivered with a Balinese twist and the kind of levels of service that would make the Savoy proud. They pretty much had to kick me out and away from those delicious tuna burgers.

One top tip is that bottled water is highly recommended in Bali, as the tap water can cause some serious stomach upsets, and no one wants that! Luckily we didn’t encounter this as the amazing people at the Seminyak Beach Resort and Spa, where we spent our first few days provide six bottles per day.

Seminyak beach resort and spa complimentary water bottle

This was one of the many ways in which the resort looked after its guests making it hard to want to step outside and explore, but you don’t travel several thousand miles to sit in a resort (though you could quite happily here) so we settled for a bit lounging by the private pool of the separate block…

Garden wing pool at the seminyak beach resort and spa

After cooking ourselves for long enough we headed back out to sample the local food (can you ever having too much on holiday!?) from one huge variety of local food outlets, so much choice, we opted for the Sea Circus because let’s face it how can you walk past this place and not want to go inside…

sea containers mexican restaurant seminyak

A fantastic mexican restaurant at pretty wallet friendly prices, our recommendation is to try everything but especially the spiced prawn tacos. Words do not exist to describe how good they were but as we ordered seconds I hope that made the point.

churros sea containers seminyak

Can’t get enough of that sunset, running off all those tacos and churros.

frolicking into the sea seminyak beach

I think it’s pretty safe to say i’m falling in love with Bali and never leaving!


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